Subscription Manangement

Your Fresh Face Skin Subscriptions

Thank you for committing to your skincare routine. Having a subscription ensures you never run out of your favorite Fresh Face Skin products.

Subscription Management Instructions

  • Minimum Orders: A minimum of 2 orders is required before you can cancel. You have complete control of your subscription after meeting this requirement.
  • Manage Your Subscription: Within your subscription, you can skip, reschedule, edit ( after your first 2 orders) or cancel deliveries.

Accessing Your Subscription Management

  • With a Website Account: Log in to My Account or click on the "Manage Subscription" link in your emails. Click on "Manage Subscription."
  • Without a Website Account: Use the emails sent via our subscription program. These may end up in your junk email, so please check there first before contacting head office. Add our email address to your safe addresses to ensure you don't miss any updates. These emails contain links to manage your subscriptions as described below.

Managing Your Subscription

  1. Log in: Go to My Account or click the "Manage Subscription" link in your emails.
  2. Manage Subscription: Click on "Manage Subscription."
  3. Subscription Management Page: Here, you can pause, skip, or reschedule each subscription. You may have multiple subscriptions if different products require different reordering time frames.
    For example, you may need a cleanser every 4 weeks and a treatment every 6 weeks.
  4. Add Products: You can always add products to your subscription. Click the "See More Detail" button for additional options.

    This easy management interface provides flexibility to change the delivery address, switch to pick-up, or add additional products.

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