Our Story


A small business, run by a woman with passion, honesty and drive.

I have been in the beauty industry for close to a decade now, specialising in skin and helping people get back the confidence they crave, within their skin and its appearance.

The 'why' behind Fresh Face Skin

Fresh Face Skin was created when the realisation was made, that skincare is way too overpriced, complicated and over whelming for the busy people of today.

Throughout my years working within the skin industry, I have worked with skincare products that provide amazing results for my clients, as well as products that don’t. There are many lies and false accusations made within this industry, so I made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to be a part of promoting something that was built on false claims, giving its customers false hope. So I created Fresh Face Skin!

Skin has always been a passion of mine, everything about it fascinates me. The skin and its functions, different skin types and conditions, skin concerns, and why these concerns become apparent in the first place.

I want to educate you on your skin and what it’s saying to you, in ways that everyone understands and can relate to.

I want to provide you with simple to use, high quality & naturally sourced products, that have been designed to give your skin the chance to be the freshest it has been yet!

No more un sustainable price tags, harsh, synthetic ingredients and the countless routine steps.

Just a simple to use product range, that’s going to provide you with real results.

Everyone deserves good skin

Everyone deserves good skin and the confidence behind it, and we’re here to help you get there.
I have personally chosen naturally sourced ingredients that I know and trust, will give your skin the chance to fight back and conquer whatever your skin concerns may be… Whether its sun damage, acne, oiliness, dryness and dehydration, ageing, dullness, redness and sensitivity. Whatever the concern – I’ve seen it, and I offer a product to suit your individual skin needs.

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Skincare should be simple to use, while providing real results

I’m a big believer that skincare should be simple to use, while containing the right active ingredients, to make a real change within the skin. If we can change the performance & health of the skin from within, then we can improve the overall function and appearance of the skin itself.

Fresh Face Skin product range has been designed to reflect this, using only high quality, naturally sourced ingredients, that are cruelty free and vegan – approved by PETA (People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Australian made and owned. Each product within our range targets various skin needs, while ensuring your skin cells are protected and your skins lipid barrier is supported.
They are easy to use, and have been trialled and tested by real people, wanting real results.