Fresh Face Skin Hydrate me starter pack

Hydrate me starter pack

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all skin types/concerns, dehydrated, sensitive

This bundle pack has been designed for new fresh faces, that are not sure where to start within our skincare range or for a skin that's suffering with skin dehydration, a dull skin tone and skin sensitivity!
Bundle includes: 1 x Hydration Booster  1 x Soother Cleanser  1 x Soother treatment

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Did you know - 97% of Australians are dehydrated due to our harsh environment?

That skin dehydration is usually the first skin issue, that can lead to most skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema to name a few?

Did you also know - that skin dehydration and a weakened acid mantle (the oils that are there to shield our skin from all external aggressors, bacteria and to prevent water from evaporating from our skin - leading to skin dehydration) go hand in hand? When our skins barrier is weak and is not protecting us the way it should, our skin is prone to dehydration!

Our skin NEEDS water to function at its healthiest! 

Optimal water supply within the skin, will assist with your skins ability to naturally exfoliate, to communicate to other cells to maintain balance and to maintain a healthy physical barrier - helping to protect our skin from bacteria and pathogens entering the skin, that ultimately leads to skin infection, congestion and skin sensitivity and inflammation. 

This bundle has been specifically created to nurture and restore your skins acid mantle/lipid barrier, while also replenishing surface and under surface hydration levels within the skin - allowing your skin to function at its healthiest, while immediately improving various skin concerns and skin conditions. 

Daily product routine:


Cleanse skin - Soother cleanser
Apply 1x pump of Hydration Booster all over
Apply 1-2x pumps of Soother treatment all over, on top
Finish with an SPF 30-50+ to prevent UV damage within the skin

Cleanse skin - Soother cleanser
Apply 1x pump of Hydration Booster all over
Apply 1-2x pumps of Soother treatment all over, on top

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