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Welcome to Fresh Face Skin, your destination for professional-grade, clean, and vegan-friendly skincare. Our simple, effective routines are designed for everyone to embrace their skin confidently. Proudly Australian made & owned, we combine the power of natural ingredients with professional formulations, ensuring you experience beauty effortlessly.

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3-Step Barrier Loving Routine

Suited for all skin types

Perfect for dehydrated & sensitive Skins

Reduces redness & skin sensitivity

This bundle pack has been designed for new fresh faces, that are not sure where to start within our skincare range or for a skin that's suffering with skin dehydration, a dull skin tone and skin sensitivity!

Restores your skin's acid mantle & lipid barrier for healthier, more resilient skin.

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Meet Amelia

The heartbeat of Fresh Face Skin – our founder and creator, Amelia Goff. With a genuine passion for timeless beauty, Amelia embarked on a journey to redefine beauty routines, seamlessly blending expertise with a deep love for nature. Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves the confidence that comes with healthy, radiant skin, Fresh Face Skin stands as Amelia's embodiment of the transformative power of mindful skincare.

Beyond crafting effective products, Amelia instils the brand with a commitment to transparency, sustainability, and inclusivity, creating a community that embraces the beauty of simplicity and the nurturing touch of nature. Dive into the vision, commitment, and inspiration behind Fresh Face Skin, where each product reflects the genuine care and passion of our founder. Read More


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In our destination salon, clients from across Victoria experience professional skin treatments along side our professional range. Our goal is for you to be proud of your skin, confidently embracing a makeup-free look. Our team is dedicated to guiding you to radiant, healthy skin.

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