Aduro at-home LED mask
Aduro at-home LED mask
Aduro at-home LED mask
Aduro at-home LED mask
Aduro at-home LED mask
Aduro at-home LED mask

Aduro at-home LED mask

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We practice what we preach here at Fresh Face Skin! After discovering this amazing Australian brand, we not only love to use the at-home LED masks for continual skin improvement and maintenance, but also stock the profession Aduro LED light machines, in our skin clinic!

Improves your skin in 11 ways 

Aduro Australia Personal LED Mask offers 11 unique treatment settings using 8 individual colour light wavelengths for both primary and secondary skin concerns!
You have the option of using your rechargeable Personal LED Mask hands free unlike non premium LED devices that MUST be connected to mains power for operation.

Improve Your Skin In 11 Different Ways... Choose
From 11 Different Treatments In The Same Mask


Increase hydration from the inside out. Promotes production of collagen and elastin fibers, to enhance preventative ageing, tightening and smoothing the skin.


Oxygenating photon energy to rid the skin of p-acne causing bacteria for clear skin, great for skin looking to break the acne cycle.


Helps to even out skin pigmentation and redness, great for skin looking for a whitening and brightening effect.


Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, mild eczema & mild psoriasis, sunburn, great for skins prone to redness and sensitivity.


Calming and purifying, great for teenage skins that have been using stripping cleansers with angry pimples and breakouts.


Combines Red and Yellow, great for skins age 40+ prone to redness, dry skin and ageing.


Combines Red and Blue light, great for skin aged 20+ prone to adult acne and looking to prevent ageing skin.


Combines Red and Near Infra-red, great for deep anti-ageing, deep healing, post operative repair.


Combines Blue and Near-Infra-red, great for cystic acne, the combination is known to promote Nitric Oxide production for pain relief.


Cycles through all light wavelengths, known as a great overall wellness setting and to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder ‘SAD’.


Cycles through the red, oranges and yellows for a glowing complexion.

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