Skin roller
Skin roller
Skin roller
Skin roller

Skin roller

Combination-normal skin types, ageing/pigment/scarring skin concerns

✔ Increase collagen production

✔ Stimulate skin cell turnover

✔ Softening scarring

✔ Refines pore size

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With our skin needling roller, you're not just treating your skin to a luxurious experience; you're investing in a transformative journey towards healthier, more vibrant skin. Suitable for all skin types and designed for easy at-home use, this tool is your ally in achieving professional-grade skincare results. Say goodbye to dull, uneven skin and hello to a glowing, rejuvenated complexion.

*For best results we recommend using the roller 2-5x weekly, after cleansing and before product application. Safe to use on congested skins - just avoid active surface breakouts, to avoid spreading bacteria.

*When applying your products after rolling the skin, it is normal for the skin to look slightly red in colour and to feel slightly sensitive and warm and for the products to cause a mild 'tingling' sensation. As we have created micro channels into your skins surface layer with the rolling - the active ingredients within your skincare range will have the ability to penetrate deeper within the skin, than what they would usually... meaning - helping you to achieve maximum skin results!

Using Skin roller in your routine

Elevate your skincare game with our revolutionary at-home skin needling roller, meticulously designed to enhance your skin's natural beauty from the comfort of your home. Discover the multitude of benefits this indispensable tool offers:

  • Maximizes Product Absorption: Ensures your skincare products penetrate deeply and effectively, delivering their benefits directly where needed most.
  • Stimulates Collagen Production: Gently stimulates skin cell turnover, promoting increased collagen production for firmer, more youthful skin.
  • Evens Skin Tone: Works wonders in brightening and evening out skin tone, revealing a radiant and uniform complexion.
  • Refines Pore Size: Helps in refining the appearance of pore size, leading to smoother and clearer skin.
  • Softens Scarring: Regular use softens the appearance of scarring, making this an ideal choice for post-acne skin recovery.
  • Strengthens Vascularity: Aids in strengthening the skin's vascularity, reducing redness and enhancing overall skin health.

Maximise your Skin roller results by adding these to your routine

Yes, our skin needling roller is designed for use on all skin types. However, for those with sensitive skin or specific skin conditions, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist prior to use to ensure it's right for your skin.

For optimal results, we recommend using the skin needling roller 1-2 times a week. This frequency allows your skin to benefit from increased product absorption and collagen production without overstimulation.

If you have active acne or highly sensitive skin, it's best to wait until your skin clears or consult with a skincare professional. Using the roller on active acne can spread bacteria and potentially cause further irritation.