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Tailored in-salon skin treatments

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Our passion for skin!

I have always had such a passion for skin! Treating skin and getting real results for my clients and their skin concerns!

It’s why I started my journey with Fresh Face Skin product range – I wanted to take the complicated out of skincare, while providing real results for my clients.

However… Sometimes introducing skincare isn’t quite enough!

Our skin may need a little extra, in order to correct and improve the way it functions from within, which is where we can get real, long lasting results!

As I’m sure you’ve heard me mention before – professional skin treatments are a real ‘PT workout’ for your skin!

Each skin treatment we offer in-salon, focuses on different ways to exercise your skin, helping it to perform at its most optimal level from within.

If our skin is working at its best, it means our skin concerns begin to improve and our overall self confidence is restored!

Whatever your skin concern may be, I want you to feel proud of the skin you’re in and feel confident going makeup free!

Salon Opening Hours

Monday 11.30am - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 5pm/8pm
Wednesday 10am/11.30am - 8pm
Thursday 9am - 3.45pm
Friday 9am - 3.45pm
Saturday 9am - 3.45pm


Skin Treatments

// New Client Consult & Treatment
$140 per treatment – skin consult, assessment of skin & skin treatment – best suited to individual skin needs and concerns.

// Full Works Microdermabrasion
$140 per treatment – micro +hydration jelly mask/chemical peel – best suited to your individual skin needs.

add on ampule $155

add on jelly mask $155

Buy a pack of 3 for $380 (save $40)

// Herbal Peel
$150 per treatment – a patented blend of herbs and plant extracts, along with scientific complexes, to improve overall skin health. Suitable for all skin types and concerns.

Buy a pack of 3 for $410 (save $40)

// LED Light Therapy
$140 per treatment – LED light + chemical peel best suited to your individual skin needs + collagen hydration mask.

Buy a pack of 3 for $380 (save $40)

// Rejuvenate and Heal Me

$140 per treatment – direct high frequency, chemical peel/hydration jelly mask – best suited to your skins individual needs.

Buy a pack of 3 for $380 (save $40)

// Full Works Dermaplaning
$140 per treatment – dermaplaning +hydration jelly mask/enzyme mask best suited to your individual skin needs.

Buy a pack of 3 for $380 (save $40)

// Enzyme therapy
$145 per treatment – chemical peel + enzyme therapy mask.

Buy a pack of 3 for $395 (save $40)

// Skin Needling

$145 per treatment

add on jelly mask $155

add on LED $175

add on neck $175

add on neck & dec $190

Buy a pack of 3 for $395 (save $40)


fresh face skin salon

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Learn more about our in-salon treatments

I have tailored our in-salon skin treatments to suit various skin types and concerns and truly believe in each treatment we offer within the salon. Just like Fresh Face Skins product range, I wanted our in-salon treatments to be affordable and sustainable for everyone, so that everyone can afford to improve their skin if they want to!

Here at Fresh Face Skin we have a passion for skin and helping you achieve the skin of your dreams! Through education, a customised homecare routine and performing result-driven in-salon skin treatments, we will get you feeling confident in the skin you’re in.

The space I have created, is a place of no judgement and a place where you can feel completely comfortable in your own skin.

A place welcome to all wanting to work on their self love, self confidence and overall well being.

A place to feel comfortable in your skin and relaxed in your body.

A place where skin education is just as important as skin results.

A place where skin journeys begin and new habits are formed.

But most of all – A place where every skin is treated as an individual and with respect.

We are a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable skin therapists (all with at least 9 years skin experience!) that truly love helping our clients achieve the skin of their dreams! Our goal for you? To empower you to confidently wear the skin you're in!

We offer a range of result-driven skin treatments, tailored to suit your individual skin needs and concerns. Let your body & mind relax while we give your skin a PT work out like no other and educate you on what your skin is doing and why!

We also offer our exclusive Fresh Face Skin skincare product range, which is power-packed with 100% natural ingredients derived from plants and fruit, aimed to continue to stimulate your skin cells, in between your in-salon treatments.

For all new clients, we offer a free skin consultation, followed by a skin treatment best suited to your skin needs, for your first appointment. This gives us a chance to discuss your skin concerns and goals and for us as therapists, to see your skin in person. From there, we will choose the most appropriate skin treatment for your individual skin concerns & needs and go through home care (product) recommendations and a treatment plan, so you walk away with all know knowledge and tools to get your skin back on track!

To keep up to date with all things skin – including in-salon treatment videos, before and afters & up & coming appointment availability (posted via our story) –
Please follow Fresh Face Skins salons instagram page at: freshfaceskinsalon and our Facebook page: Fresh Face Skin Salon.

Bookings are by appointment only, no walk ins.

*Please note – we do have strict 48 hour cancellation policy. Please allow adequate notice, within this 48 hour time frame, to cancel and reschedule all appointments with us. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled outside of the 48 hours notice, will require a 50% cancellation fee – which is 50% of your treatment total & all appointments cancelled on the day of your appointment, will require a 100% cancellation charge – which is 100% of your treatment total amount.

*Please note – we do book in advance so please be patient with us as we promise, it is worth the wait!

Looking forward to smashing your skin goals with you!

Much love,

Amelia and the Fresh Face Skin team.