Barrier Mist strengthens and maintains your skin's natural defenses, boosts hydration, and reduces sensitivity.

Finding true Skin Barrier Health: The Power of our NEW Barrier Mist

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Why Is a Healthy Skin Barrier Crucial for Flawless Skin?

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of a healthy skin barrier! Without a healthy skin barrier, our skin has no protection from the outside world. Our barrier aims to prevent nasties from entering the skin and goodness (hydration) from escaping the skin - allowing the skin to function at its best.

We are so excited to have launched the highly anticipated BARRIER MIST! A ground breaking hydration mist, so much more than JUST a mist, this power-packed product has been specifically designed to strengthen and maintain a healthy skin barrier, enhancing your skin results and Fresh Face Skin daily routine.

Understanding the Skin Barrier

What Role Does the Skin Barrier Play in Skin Health?

Your skin barrier acts as the ultimate defender against pollutants, UV rays, and other detrimental elements. A compromised barrier can result in skin dryness, irritation, redness and heightened sensitivity - to products and/or environment. Here at Fresh Face Skin, reinforcing the skin barrier is our top priority, ensuring that the products that we provide, improve skin health and therefore function, providing long term skin results.

How Does the Barrier Mist Enhance Skin Barrier Function?

Our latest addition to our range, the Barrier Mist, reflects our dedication to barrier-focused skincare. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, this hydration mist is so much more than ‘just a mist’.

It is packed full of powerful plant based ingredients, including prebiotic, peptides and amino acids, to ensure that we nourish, calm and strengthen the skin; reducing skin redness and sensitivity, while hydrating and nurturing the skins microbiome, barrier & collagen fibres, for a healthy, fresh-faced complexion!


Barrier Mist key ingredients


How Does Strengthening the Lipid Barrier Benefit My Skin?

When we strengthen the skin's barrier, we restore the skin's natural defences, helping to prevent moisture loss and shield the skin against external aggressors, ensuring your skin remains resilient and hydrated.

Why Is Feeding the Microbiome Important for Skin Health?

Think of your skins microbiome as an ecosystem - trillions of tiny, invisible microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses, that act as the first line of defence against environmental aggressors; helping to maintain your skin’s pH balance, and even aid in preventing breakouts by keeping harmful bacteria in check. A healthy skin microbiome is crucial for a radiant, strong barrier that not only looks great but feels amazing too.

Nurturing your skin's microbiome with gentle skincare practices - avoiding harsh, stripping products, while focusing on using barrier-loving ingredients, can keep this ecosystem flourishing and your skin looking its healthiest, long term.

What Makes Deep Hydration So Essential?

When the skin is well hydrated, it can function optimally.

Hydration allows for:

  • Ultimate Skin Protection - remember water makes up our skins acid mantle - ensuring that the bad stuff stays out & the good stuff - like moisture, stays in! It also ensures that active ingredients don't penetrate into the skin too quickly, causing skin irritation & sensitivity.
  • Cells to Communicate - ensuring that our skin can function in a healthy, balanced way, meaning healthy pigment distribution, collagen & elastin production & less inflammation & redness.
  • Healthy Skin Exfoliation - naturally, our skin should be regularly exfoliating itself - clearing old, damaged cells, to reveal healthy, new cells. Think bright, smooth skin!

How Does Collagen Strengthening Assist My Skin?

Enhancing the skin's structural integrity through collagen support is key to improving firmness and elasticity, while ensuring that healthy collagen is maintained within the skin, helping to prevent premature ageing, while contributing to a youthful skin appearance.

How Do I Integrate Barrier Mist into My Daily Skincare Routine?

Incorporating the Barrier Mist into your daily routine fills the gap between cleansing and applying serum, designed to maximise product absorption and boost your skincare regimen's overall effectiveness.

Its blend of plant-derived amino acids and prebiotics not only enhances moisture levels & barrier health, but also significantly reduces skin sensitivity; providing your skin with instant support after cleansing, while ensuring that your pores are open, for optimal product absorption - increasing product effectiveness & skin results.


Barrier Mist

What's the Best Way to Use Barrier Mist for Optimal Results?

For best outcomes, apply 1-2x pumps of the Barrier Mist to the entire face, after cleansing, with your chosen cleanser and before your serum application. Ensure that you hold the mist 30 cm away from your face for an even distribution of the mist. Barrier Mist has been designed to go hand in hand with the Hydration Booster - setting the perfect surface environment for optimal skin hydration.
We always recommend finishing with applying your Soother treatment last (SPF applied on top of Soother treatment if day), to lock in the products & moisture.

Why Should I Choose Barrier Mist for My Skincare Needs?

Barrier Mist was created thanks to the high amount of feedback from you - our loyal Fresh Face Skin community, wanting a mist added to the range!
Barrier Mist serves as a multifaceted, powerful solution for anyone aiming to further improve their skin results, strengthen their skin barrier, boost hydration, protect collagen production & cell health and ease sensitivity.

By making it a staple in your daily morning & night skincare ritual, you're well on your way to achieving a balanced, healthy, and resilient complexion.

Ready to Enhance Your Skincare Routine & Skin Results?

Take your daily skincare routine to the next level with our NEW Barrier Mist.
Visit our website for more information.

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