Why we love skin rolling!

Why we love skin rolling!

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Our skin roller tool is one that is under estimated and I am here to give you all the info, tips and benefits of this easy to use, at home tool!

Think of this tool as your skins spikey little friend… actually, best friend! It is designed to roll over the skins surface and create micro channels into the skin, via the micro fine needle tips that are located on the roller head.

These micro fine channels that are created within the skin, don’t cause any trauma to the skins surface, however, due to the punctures that are created as the tool rolls across the skin, the skin is signalled to increase its overall function, due to its natural wound healing response being activated!

What does this mean? Well, when the skin is functioning at a faster rate we can: 

*BRIGHTEN AND EVEN SKIN TONE: As the skins cell turnover is increased, allowing the skin to exfoliate itself - flushing old, damaged skin cells faster.

*PLUMP & REFINE SKIN: As collagen and elastin production is increased, helping to fight premature ageing.

*CLEAR SKIN & IMPROVE SKIN TEXTURE: When rolling, there is an increase of blood flow within the skin – which can cause mild redness and warmth and is a great way to energise cell function by ensuring cells are well nourished internally! This increase of blood flow also allows for the delivery of oxygen to the under surface skin layers, to destroy any acne causing bacteria, that may be lingering, causing breakouts to form, while speeding up the skins healing time, to recover fast!

*ENHANCE PRODUCT ABSORPTION: When we create micro channels into the skin, this allows for deeper product absorption, meaning the active ingredients within your skincare products, will be able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, allowing for ongoing great skin results! Don’t be alarmed if you feel a tingle or mild heat when applying your products post skin needling, this is due to the deeper product absorption!

Skin rolling TIPS:

We recommend using your skin roller tool at night, after cleansing and before product application. At night, while we sleep, our skin is healing and rejuvenating itself, so this is the best time to enhance this action within the skin!

Introduce slowly – begin 1x weekly and build to every 2nd night, 3x weekly for best results.

If you’re consistently using your roller, we recommend replacing every 4-6 months, as the needle tips can become blunt over time and use.

What to expect:

Your skin will go red and feel a little sensitive after rolling and as you apply your Fresh Face Skin favs, you may feel some tingling, rest assured – this is normal! Last step, finish with our Soother treatment to nourish and calm the skin post rolling.

As this tool focuses on increasing overall skin function, initially, some skin dryness can be normal – this can come in the form of dry or rough skin texture or mild flaking. Keep up the Soother treatment morning and night for surface nourishment and the dryness will settle as the skin gets used to the stimulating affects of the roller tool.

This is one of our favourite skin tools, as its so beneficial for so many different skin concerns – congestion, dullness, pigment, ageing… The roller has got you!

Order yours today.

If you have any questions, we are always here to help!

Please email us at: info@freshfaceskin.com.au

Much love,


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