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Hey there fresh face,

We are coming into the warmer months here in Australia and that means an increase in the harsh environmental factors that our skin is exposed to daily – mainly harsh UV!

Did you know that the UV in Australia is one of the harshest UVs in the world?! This is due to our location in the Southern Hemisphere.

Did you also know that UV is the number 1 cause of premature ageing? UV directly affects our skin cell health – disrupting its overall functionality and breaks down collagen and elastin fibres.

UVA cannot be felt like UVB rays (the burning rays) and is in the atmosphere from the minute the sun rises, until it sets and it’s UVA that penetrates through all glass – meaning regardless of whether you are inside or out, we are exposed to the ray that directly impacts our skins health and functionality.

This is why PROTECTION and PREVENTION from UV is so essential! Every. Single. Day.

Not only is daily SPF a must (and reapplying that SPF every 4-5 hours if exposed to UV), but application of antioxidants will further protect your skin cells from all that they are exposed to daily, to ensure we maintain healthy skin cells and healthy skin function and protect our precious collagen and elastin fibres, ensuring our skin maintains a healthy and youthful appearance and so we can age gracefully! Which is the goal right?

One of the most powerful forms of antioxidants comes from Vitamin C! A definite favourite ingredient of mine, as it has so many positive benefits for the skin and its functions and will ensure your skin is well protected from all that its exposed to daily, in our harsh, Aussie climate!

So lets touch on some of these key benefits –

  1. It’s a powerful antioxidant! I want you to imagine antioxidants as protectors of your skin! Antioxidants prevent free radicals (which we are exposed to daily and cannot get away from! Think – air pollution, smoke, cigarette smoke/smoking, the ozone, industrial chemicals) from breaking down a healthy cell and its functions and ensure our collagen and elastin is well protected! Basically, I want you to think of free radicals, as the soldiers that go out and fight off the bad guys from attacking your skins function! These soldiers, ensure your skin is able to function optimally.
  2. It’s super brightening! Not only will Vitamin C inhibit the production of unhealthy pigment – meaning it will help PREVENT unhealthy pigment production, but will assist with speeding up the overall function of the skin – meaning, old & damaged skin cells can be flushed from the skin, removing underlining pigment, age spots that could be contributing to an uneven/dull skin tone, revealing healthy, bright skin!
  3. It’s an ‘active’ meaning it will help to improve overall skin function, helping to maintain healthy production of collagen and elastin, while ensuring your skin is naturally exfoliating itself regularly; making room for new, baby skin cells and in turn, flushing old, damaged skin cells. Fresh, bright, happy skin here we come!



If you haven’t used a Vitamin C product before, we recommend slow introduction, to ensure your skin accepts this powerful ingredient, with limited skin purging or irritation.

If you’re a normal, healthy skin, not prone to reactiveness and skin sensitivity, we recommend beginning use every 2nd day and building to every day, after 1-2 weeks, then building to every day after another 1-2 weeks.

If you are a skin prone to reactiveness, irritation and sensitivity, we recommend beginning use once a week for the first 1-2 weeks, then building to 2x weekly every 3rd day for another 1-2 weeks, then using every 2nd day for another 1-4 weeks and if all OK, build to daily from there.

You can mix the Fresh Face Skin Vitamin C powder into any water based products, in the morning, so either our Reverser treatment, Healer treatment or Hydration Booster!

For a power packed daily boost of energy and protection for your skin, I highly recommend mixing 1x pump of the Reverser treatment (if your concerned with ageing, skin tone, dryness or skin texture) or Healer treatment (if your concerned with breakouts, oiliness, skin tone or skin texture) into 1x pump of the Hydration Booster and adding 1x small tap of the Vitamin C powder. Mix until powder is dissolved and apply to your entire skin! Follow with 1x pump of the Soother treatment if your skin is in need for extra nourishment and finish with your SPF! BAM! Your skin is protected, rejuvenated and hydrated, ready for the day ahead!

Remember – less is more when it comes to using our 100% strength Vitamin C powder, 1x small tap is all you need and if the powder isn’t dissolving into the water based product that you’ve mixed it into, then that’s a sign you have used too much Vitamin C powder in comparison to the water based product!

Press here for a quick video on how to best use our Vitamin C powder 

L-Ascorbic acid Vitamin C powder


Here’s to the Summer energy ahead Fresh Faces!

As always, if you have any questions at all, we are here to help! Please email us at:


Much love,

Amelia and the Fresh Face Skin team.

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