Why we love Vitamin B3 in skincare!

Why we love Vitamin B3 in skincare!

Posted by Amelia Goff on

We thought we would chat about why we love this multi-purpose vitamin for the skin!

Vitamin B3 - otherwise known as niacinamide, has so many amazing, diverse properties that it brings to the skin, helping to improve various skin concerns and functionalities within the skin!

So lets educate you on what this powerful vitamin does for the skin health:

  • Regulates melanin production - meaning it helps to brighten skin tone and lighten surface pigment! How? -Vitamin B3 enters the skin cells and leaves a slippery coating around the nucleus  (the brain) of the cell, which results in less pigment attaching to the cell itself, meaning the cell holds less pigment and this results in less pigment forming on the skins surface for the future!
  • It is an acne fighter! Vitamin B3 helps to regulate sebum production, which helps to prevent blockages within the hair follicle in the first place - meaning prevention of nasty breakouts and build up on the skins surface! It also helps to balance the skins PH level - remembering that a healthy skins PH can be anywhere between 4.5-6.5. When the skins PH level is healthy and sitting at a more acidic level, acne causing bacteria, cannot survive... Meaning bye bye to p-acne bacteria and hello to healthy happy and CLEARER skin!
  • It ensures the skin can exfoliate properly! Did you know - that a healthy skin sheds dead skin cells every 35 or so days. When this 'shedding' of old cells occurs, a fresh, new skin cell is born! This not only will assist with the skins ability to heal faster and for pigment to clear faster, but for acne sufferers, this will prevent dead skin cells blocking a hair follicle - which results in your skins oil becoming trapped and unable to come up and out of the skin the way it is supposed to! By allowing your skin to shed and exfoliate properly, we can prevent the beginning of a breakout occurring in the first place.. and who doesn't love a clear complexion?!
  • Vitamin B3 also helps to calm inflammation within the skin. Inflammation accelerates the ageing process but can also delay your skins ability to heal quickly. This amazing vitamin strengthens your skins natural immune response, helping to reduce skin sensitivity, redness and cystic acne!

So... where is this magic vitamin within our product range? Our hydration booster! Vitamin B3, along with a variety of powerful antioxidants, 2 types of hyaluronic acid - able to replenish both surface and deep set hydration levels within the skin, as well as other anti bacterial, brightening plant extracts!

As I always say, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your skin and maintaining true skin health... So I hope these fun facts leave you feeling empowered on your skin journey with us!

Much love,

Amelia and the Fresh Face Skin team.

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