Winter and how it can affect your skin

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So, it’s Winter here in Australia and the weather is definitely getting colder.

With this miserable cold, windy and rainy weather, comes indoor heating, less water intake and more coffee and tea intake! A combination of things that all lead to overall skin dehydration and dryness.

Constantly going from warm, indoor heating, out to cold, windy weather, can takes its toll on our skin – causing our skins natural lipid barrier to become impaired. When our skins lipid barrier isn’t strong and functioning the way it should, it can lead to increased moisture and hydration loss and skin redness, irritation and sensitivity.

Because of this, it’s extremely important to change your skincare routine season to season. When it’s Winter, our skin needs a little extra love. Extra nourishment, extra hydration and just all round, a little extra TLC. The harsh conditions push our skin to its limit, so we need to do all we can to strengthen and protect our skin, so it doesn’t go backwards in its overall health and skin journey. Winter calls for the introduction of skin oils and serums aimed at hydrating and increasing moisture content within the skin. It’s also an important time to be exfoliating your skin regularly (2-3 x a week), to ensure any dead skin cell build up on your skins surface, is removed, allowing your skin to absorb your skincare products more easily and your skins surface to feel smooth and avoid skin flakiness.

Along with increasing your water intake (aim for 2 or more litres a day), Professional skin treatments in salon or clinic, will also provide your skin with the extra TLC it needs in the cooler months. Treatments like microdermabrasion, DMKs Enzyme therapy treatments and chemical peels, will all assist in clearing excess dead skin cells off your skins surface (more than what your home-care products will do), while hydrating and encouraging detoxification within the skin as well as increasing cell renewal – helping with skin tone and ageing concerns… Everything that your skin needs when it’s under extra pressure to perform.

    If you’ve read my blog posts before, you know I’m a big believer in treating yourself and your skin to professional treatments every 4-6 weeks. Think of a professional treatment as your skins PT session – helping to get your skin functioning at its most optimal level, while correcting and improving your skin concerns from deep within… Your skincare routine at home, is your skins diet. It feeds your skin with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs, to keep improving and functioning well. The two are extremely important if you’re truly wanting to improve skin concerns and maintain true skin health as you get older.

    Our Soother treatment will be your skins saviour this Winter!  Whether your skin type is oily, combination or dry, the Soother suits all skin types, without causing breakouts, excessive oiliness or blocking pores. The blend of natural oils used in our Soother, closely resemble our own skins oils… it’s because of this, the Soother can absorb quickly and easily into the skin, without leaving a heavy or sticky residue on the skins surface.  The Soother has also been designed to rebuild and strengthen your skins natural lipid barrier… the ‘shield’ protecting your skin against moisture loss, dehydration, redness and sensitivity. This shield is the most important thing standing between your skin and the harsh environmental factors that occur in the cooler months. If we protect and strengthen your skins barrier, we reduce the risk of your skin going backwards in its journey, this winter.

    Stay warm and drink more water! Remember, for every caffeine beverage you drink, you need to drink a glass of water to compensate for its dehydrating effects.

    Amelia. x

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