Sensitive vs Sensitized skin

Sensitive vs Sensitized skin

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Do you suffer from sensitive skin? If yes, keep reading.

Think back to when your skin sensitivity began…have you had sensitivities since you were young? Or do you remember a time when you didn’t have irritated skin like you have now?

I’m here to educate you on skin sensitivity and for some of you, to provide you with some hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a difference between sensitive skin and skin that has become sensitized.

For those of you who remember a time when your skin didn’t scream out “HELP MEEE!!” every time you applied a skincare product to it, then bets are you have a sensitized skin. This is the light at the end of the tunnel for you!

Sensitized skin is not a genetic trait, meaning your skins sensitivity is not passed on through your DNA, and is not a permanent skin condition.

    In this day and age, there are so many factors that can contribute to your skin losing its natural lipid barrier function. Think of this function as a shield that sits on the surface of your skin; protecting it from anything that may harm or disrupt your skins health, while also maintaining your skins hydration and moisture levels as well as assisting with your skins elasticity and firmness.

    Our skins lipid barrier is made up of natural oils, produced by our sebaceous gland…a gland that produces oil to help nourish our skin and help maintain the lipid barrier function, protecting our skin. If this barrier is affected in any way, this is what leads to sensitized skin…that sudden sensitivity that prevents you from using the products you would like to use, because your skin fights you each time you apply it.

    Day to day factors can contribute to sensitized skin, some being: The natural ageing process; as we age, our natural oil production slows down which can then lead to a drier skin, with less oil. Stress, poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, hormones, environmental damage such as constant indoor heating/cooling, wind and sun, Over use of exfoliating products or use of harsh skincare products can strip your skins natural oils, affecting your skins overall health.

    If any of what I’ve just said, makes complete sense to you and your skins behaviour, then please do not fret, as this is not going to be your skin forever. We can strengthen and heal it, building your barrier back up, to a healthy functioning skin.

    Now, to a true sensitive skin.

    Sensitive skin is a genetic trait, meaning you were most likely born with this skin condition. A true sensitive skin usually suffers from easy blushing, asthma and other allergies. Your skins natural lipid barrier function is impaired, meaning your skin struggles to protect itself from the day to day harsh pollutants, irritants and allergens. If these bad guys can penetrate below your skins surface, this means your skin is irritated, red, inflamed and angry most of the time. Although a sensitive skin is a true skin condition, it does not mean there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel for you too! You need to focus on using products designed for true skin sensitivity that will build your skins barrier back up, and help form the shield that your skin needs in order to strengthen and calm.

    The exciting thing about Fresh Face Skins Overnight Treatments, is the fact that each of our products contain a patented, botanically-sourced combination of natural oils that have been designed to mimic a healthy skins barrier function. This specific combination of natural oils re-builds the structure of your skins lipid barrier, giving your skin the chance to recover and rebuild. Your skin will be able to hold on to moisture and hydration for a longer period, redness and irritation will calm and skin firmness and dryness will be improved, thanks to this new shield, protecting your skin.

    Our Overnight Soother, has been designed specifically for all types of sensitive skins, whether they be sensitized or a true sensitive.

    The all natural, plant derived oils included in this treatment are there to calm, strengthen and nourish the skin, while rebuilding the skins lipid barrier long term, so that skin sensitivity is not a condition you need to suffer with on a day-to-day basis. I’m a big believer in actions speaking louder than words, and for this reason, have included many before and after pictures in our testimonial section, of real people wanting real results. The pictures speak for themselves, so please have a look and see what our soother can do for sensitive skins that needs help.

    Give your skin the chance to be healthy again, without the daily cries for help. We can get you there.

    I hope this has cleared a few things up for my sensitive skins out there.

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