Amelia's Essential Travel Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

Amelia's Essential Travel Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

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My Summer travel skincare tips

  • Less is more - choosing to pack products that have multiple active ingredients, to assist with supporting your skin in multiple ways, will make packing lighter and your routine more simple when travelling.

  • Be aware of what climate you are heading into - For me, I am heading into Europe's Summer - so packing for warmer weather, is my focus and with that, I am focusing on packing for Summer skin.

  • A skin pick-me-up product or tool, will keep your skin rejuvenated while travelling - We each have a skin tool or skincare product, that is our trusted go-to when our skin looks a little dull or feels a little rough, that instantly brings our skin back to life! Be sure to pack this, to give your skin a reset when away and exposed to different elements and conditions.

  • Take key supplements - If you take supplements to internally support your skin health & function, choose your non-negotiables to take with you. If you’re a supplement nut, like myself and cant go without, take them all! My top skin supplements that are non-negotiable to travel with me are:
    • High quality omega 3s - to support my skin cells, ensuring they maintain optimal hydration, while nourishing my skin from the inside out for ongoing barrier health.
    • Cell Charge - My ultimate fave mineral supplement to assist with internal nutrition absorption, gut health, stress levels and antioxidant support, ensuring that my skin & body remains supported from the inside out.
  • Pack your fave SPF - We all know SPF is a personal thing. If you have found a sunscreen that you like to wear on your face, pack it, ensuring that you have enough for daily application and reapplication, for the entirety of your trip. Rain, hail or shine, UVA + UVB are present.

Summer skincare vs Winter skincare


Summer skin - is usually naturally more moisturized and often needs a deeper cleanse at night, while needing a pigment-focus. Often, when we expose our skin to warmer climates, our skins natural oil is increased causing our natural oil to also increase. This can leave our skin more nourished, but pores sometimes more congested. Exposing our skin to an increase in sun and temperature, can also increase pigment production.

Because of this, lighter serums and oils, high in antioxidants and pigment-supporting ingredients, are all that's needed to maintain skin hydration and moisture and non-stripping gel based cleansers, for a deeper skin clean, are best.

Winter skin - is usually naturally more dry and dehydrated and can be more prone to redness and sensitivity. Often, a barrier-focused skincare routine, focusing on nourishment and hydration is best. When we expose our skin to cooler climates, our skins natural oils decrease causing our skin to lose moisture more easily and as a result, cause our skins barrier to weaken. This often results in skin sensitivity, irritation, surface dryness and sometimes an increase in skin redness.
Because of this, heavier serums oils and moisturizers, rich in ceramides (omegas) are recommended.



My Summer travel skincare must haves:

  • Gel based cleanser for a deeper skin clean. Reverser cleanser is my go-to, with its non-stripping foam action, it will gently cleanse my skin without stripping, while gently exfoliating for a simple 2-in-1 action to brighten and soften with each wash.

  • A hydration-based serum to ensure my skin can function optimally. Hydration Booster is a hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich serum, combined with niacinamide, to ensure that my skin has all it needs to maintain optimal hydration and cell balance.

  • Pigment controlling products to prevent unhealthy pigment production. It’s not only the increase of sun exposure, but also the increase in temperature, when you travel to a warmer climate, that can darken existing skin pigment, or contribute to new pigment being created within the skin. Ingredients such as lactic acid - found in Reverser treatment, sea buckthorn berry oil - found in Reverser treatment, vitamin C found in our Vitamin C powder and Bakuchiol - found in our Renewal Booster - will assist with healthy pigment production, to ensue your skin remains even in tone and protected at all times.

  • Light oil. When we expose our skin to hot out door environments, then cool indoor environments (aircon), our skins barrier can suffer. Using a light blend of natural oils such as Soother treatment, will ensure the skin remains balanced in its oil, to protect the skin against moisture loss and skin sensitivity.

  • Sleep mask to enhance skin recovery as we sleep. Less is more when we travel, so using a sleep mask such as the Recovery mask, each night, to restore moisture levels, while maintaining healthy barrier function and gently exfoliating the skins surface, will ensure our skin can heal and strengthen as we sleep, ensuring we wake up with a glow, while allowing our skincare products to continue to absorb to their fullest via the gentle exfoliation.


  • Massage tool to enhance blood flow and detoxification. Often when we fly, blood flow is restricted. Packing a facial tool such as a gua sha will allow you to take time for self care while you’re traveling, as well as increase blood circulation and remove toxins via lymphatic drainage movements, to ensure the skin maintains a healthy glow, without excess puffiness.

  • Eye masks for restoring under eye hydration. My personal fave - Skin fusion hydration eye masks will give you the perfect excuse for some self-care and eye hydration, when flying! Airplanes are full of circulated, dry air, which leaves our skin stripped and dehydrated. Our eyes will be the first to show dehydration due to their delicacy. Simply apply when you take off and leave on for 60 mins, for an instant under eye hydration kick!

  • At home LED face mask for on-the-go skin rejuvenation. A good quality at-home LED face mask such as Aduro portable LED mask is an investment, but one I promise you wont regret! LED is a non-invasive way, to energize your skin, via the power of light alone and you can apply it anyway - even the plane! Simply wash your skin and apply for 20 minutes, then follow with your skincare applications, for an instant skin pick-me-up, to ensure your skin cells maintain function and balance, internally, while traveling.

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