Navigating the Waves of Hormonal Acne Together

Navigating the Waves of Hormonal Acne Together

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If you’ve ever felt like your skin is on an unpredictable roller coaster, especially around your period, you’re not alone. Hormonal acne isn’t just a teenage phase—it’s a reality for many women in their 20s and 30s due to the ongoing internal changes that we regularly go through.

Today, I want to share with you my knowledge on how to best prevent hormonal acne, while treating it; working externally, as well as internally, to maintain a clear, healthy skin ongoing, no matter our cycle!

Why Hormonal Acne Comes & Goes?

Hormonal acne typically appears around the jawline, chin, and sometimes the lower cheek area. It’s often like clockwork, coinciding with our menstrual cycle, highlighting the profound link between our hormones and skin health. Estrogen and progesterone ebb and flow, while androgens (sex hormones) like testosterone, peak during our ovulation period, ramping up oil production, while altering its consistency, leading to those frustrating hormonal breakouts.

Treating Hormonal Acne from the Inside, Out

Treating hormonal acne isn’t just about what we apply externally to the skin; it’s an inside job too. A holistic approach can make a world of difference, long term, allowing you to manage the trigger that is causing the external skin issue in the first place. Remember, part of our skins job is to tell us when there are issues or imbalances internally. Listening to what it's saying is key to long term skin health and clarity.

Here are some of my key tips, when it comes to managing hormonal acne, embracing both inner wellness and consistent skincare:

Mindful nutritional tips for hormonal acne.

  • Incorporate foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibre.
  • Think vibrant fruits such as - raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and mangos
  • Leafy greens such as - Kale & spinach
  • Hearty nuts such as walnuts, almonds, macadamia, hazelnuts & pecans
  • Fish such as - Salmon, Sardines, Cod, lake Trout and Tuna
  • A balanced diet supports hormonal balance and can help prevent internal inflammation.

What supplements will support my hormonal breakouts? 

There are 2 supplements that are key to supporting the skin during hormonal periods, while helping to alleviate the internal trigger that is causing your breakouts to come through in the first place!

  1. Incorporating a high quality, non-farmed omega-3 supplement into your daily routine, ensures that the skin is receiving the recommended amount of omega 3 daily, to support the cells - encouraging moisture and nutrient absorption. My top picks - Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega liquid and capsules & JS health fish oil.
  2. Incorporating a hormonal supplement to help balance hormonal levels, internally, helping with hormonal symptoms such as cycle regularity, moods and acne. My top pick - Australian Naturopath female hormonal supplement - Fem 21.

Remember, the healthier the skin cells, the healthier the skin!

Ongoing Hydration

Water is our skin’s best friend! Aiming for 2 litres of consistent water consumption daily, ensures that we stay internally hydrated and helps our body flush out toxins, ensuring that our skin remains supple and resilient.

What skincare should l choose that is gentle yet effective?

Opt for products that focus on barrier health with a gentle approach, helping to calm surface inflammation and assist with skin healing. Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid are great acid-based options to treat breakout areas, but moderation is key. Overuse or misuse of these ingredients can cause barrier impairment, getting in the way of skin healing and causing more damage than good.

Our gentle-ingredient top picks for treating hormonal breakouts:

  • Vitamin B3 / Niacinamide: helps to calm redness and inflammation, while balancing oil flow
  • Vitamin B5 / Panthenol: helps to calm inflammation and aid in skin healing
  • Mild Glycolic acid: helps to clear surface bacteria, while balancing oil and enhancing skin healing
  • Tea tree: has natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, to help heal breakouts quick
  • Jojoba oil: This natural oil is easily recognised by the skin, making it light and easily absorbed, without causing further congestion and has the ability to deep-clean the pores, helping to clear pore build up
  • Vitamin E: Is a potent antioxidant to assist with skin cell health, while assisting with skin healing

Stress Less

Yes, its much easier said than done, but stress management is crucial when it comes to maintaining balanced hormones. Being aware of your stress triggers as well as introducing small, regular practices, can greatly reduce stress levels in your day-to-day life.

My favourite go-tos for helping to maintain a balanced nervous system are -

  • Yoga - to move with my body
  • Meditation aiming to calm and quiet my mind
  • Daily facial massage, with breath work
  • Regular exercise - releasing endorphins to boost mood

Your Skin, Your Journey

At Fresh Face Skin, we believe in achieving long term skin results and that requires patience and consistency. Understanding your internal triggers that are causing your acne is key and treating your these triggers via internal support and lifestyle habits, will ensure that you begin to balance internal factors that are most-likely linked to your external skin concerns. This, along with looking after your skin externally, via your daily skincare routine, will ensure that your skin can begin to heal and maintain clarity.

Our skin journeys are diverse. Let's continue to support, learn, and grow in our understanding of our skin, so we can make clear, calculated decisions about how to look after it, properly, long term.

Visit our Customer Journey page or our results page for inspiration.

Want to chat to a Skin Therapist in a supportive private environment? Visit our supportive Salon in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne or we do offer video consults if your not local.  Also in-store consults for product recommendations and an Observ skin analysis. 

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